All things are new!!

Welcome to the family! We are so happy for you and the life changing decision you have made! Right now you may be experiencing some emotions you haven’t felt quite this strongly before. However, the life of a Christ follower is not always easy. You may go through times of doubting or frustrations because of unanswered questions or the unfair circumstances of life. That is exactly how the enemy attacks. Satan is a liar and he will try his best to confuse and deceive you. Don’t give up! God’s plan for you is amazing and better than anything you could plan for yourself. It’s perfect! Sometimes people can make fun of this new life you choose to live. Don’t let that affect what you know is true. Cling tightly to your new found faith and relationship with God! Worship Him and read His word and begin to uncover His promises to you. 

Salvations Auburn 2022