Impact Africa

Maybe you have wanted to make a difference in the lives of people but have been unsure of just how to do it. Right now, a tremendous move of God is occurring in the heart of Africa. Entire communities are experiencing a spiritual awakening. Common and ordinary men and women of God are being used to win the lost and serve the least. Hundreds are coming to Christ. You can be a part of this supernatural move of God.

How can you become involved in Impact Africa?

  1. Pray! There is a fierce battle raging in the heavenlies and we are in desperate need of intercessors who are willing to engage in warfare level praying. Missionaries need this covering as they engage in the battle between good and evil. Follow us to receive regular updates on where and when crusades will be held, what the urgent needs of our missionaries are and hear reports of the souls getting saved and the miracles that are happening.
  2. Consider how you might support this dynamic outreach that is winning hundreds to Christ. 100% of what you give goes directly to the mission field with no middle man, no administrative costs and no hidden agendas. Everything goes for the intended request with no exception.
  • Decide on a monthly contribution that will support the efforts of winning the lost at any cost.
  • Designate a one time gift for specific objectives

Pastor Conferences – The foundation of our efforts is the Pastor Conferences where Pastors are challenged to work together, repent of lukewarmness and compromise and prepare to win entire villages to Jesus. These gatherings attract hundreds of Pastors who travel for miles on foot or by bike to attend. The move of the Holy Spirit is uniting churches and pastors to impact entire communities. This unusual coming together of Pastors with a willingness to put aside doctrinal differences and to work together is captivating the attention of community leaders. Already 5000 pastors have attended these conferences along with 15000 Church leaders. Even government leaders are getting saved as they hear of these unusual gatherings.

Crusades – As Pastors from multiple denominations come together and unite their efforts, a Crusade is conducted in the area where the main objective is to win an entire community to Christ. Hundreds attend and hundreds are getting saved. These new converts are then directed to the supporting Pastors and their churches and will be mentored, trained and discipled. Extensive ongoing follow up and Pastor training is conducted. A crusade can be conducted for $3000.

Bible Distribution – Thousands of Bibles are being placed into the hands of Pastors, Leaders, and new converts. Many Pastors do not even own a bible. For $14 a bible can be given to Pastors and new converts. The absolute joy Pastors exhibit when they receive a personal bible for themselves is indescribable. New converts need access to the Bible for ongoing growth.

Drilling a Well – Fresh water is a rare privilege for many folks in Malawi. Families travel for miles to obtain clean water to drink and cook with. Once a community has experienced a spiritual awakening and pastors are working together, a well is drilled in the center of the community. Working together with the local Chief (Mayor) and government leaders, incredible opportunities are provided for ongoing influence into the community to show the power of agreement when churches work together. At the dedication of the well a celebration breaks out and a large permanent sign reads “drink this water and you will thirst again, but drink the living water (JESUS) and never thirst again”. For $6000 a well can be drilled.

Serving The Least – Targeting the community where a Crusade has been conducted and a well has been drilled, Rachel’s ministry to women is conducted. Most ladies in these villages do not have the basic needs of sanitary items and many do not even own underwear. In fact, some young women even miss school or work during these times of the month. With sewing machines and volunteer efforts, Rachel and the ladies work to put together sanitary pads, underwear, along with basic hygiene provisions that powerfully show the love of Jesus. Hundreds of women are being impacted by this loving outreach and are being shown the love of Jesus. An initial goal of ministering to 100 women a month along with providing each with 3 washable pads, a pair of shoes, a bar of soar, a bar of laundry soap, and underwear delivered in a water basket. As funds and volunteer efforts increase so will the the number of women touched.

Prison Crusades – Help our Prison Crusade efforts. Services are regularly conducted with men living in some of the most deplorable conditions. Overcrowded and Crammed together these men live in dirty, unsanitary situations where food is scarce and hope is diminished. Prison authorities are inviting us to come and hold crusades where many are coming to Christ, even guards are finding Christ. They recognize the change this is having on the prisoners. Along with the crusade… food, sanitary items, and basic needs are provided to a very grateful prisoner and to a crumbling system.

Go to and decide today to get involved. Every dollar you designate will go to its intended purpose. You will receive weekly updates on what God is doing, Crusade and outreach video clips and regular reports of the miracles occurring in Africa.